Offered to students 6 to 16 years of age (by March 1, 2024), this program gives dancers the opportunity to receive their dance training without the pressures and extensive time commitment of a competitive program. The recreational program encourages students to have fun as they learn about musicality, self-discipline, posture, grace and the sheer enjoyment of dance. These dancers will continue to feel challenged and learn a wide range of dance steps while continuing to enhance their technique.

It is priority for all of our dancers to be given the opportunity to shine on the big stage and to showcase their achievements to family and friends! All dancers in the recreational program (with the exception of acro) are given two professional stage performances within the dance season; a mid-season Winter Recital in January and a Year End Recital in June.

Cost for the recreational program is determined by how many hours a week the student dances; starting at $756.00 annually. Multi-class pricing is in effect where a discount in fees is provided for each additional class a dancer is enrolled in. For accurate pricing, please contact us with your selected classes and we can determine your annual rate.

The annual rate is divided into 4 equal installments paid throughout the year; further information on what your annual rate includes and payment procedures can be found on our policies page.

Our current season is now closed for registration. The schedule for the 2023/2024 season will be released in May 2023 with registration opening in June 1, 2023.