Dance Discovery provides a studio update to our students and their families during each scheduled watch week. We will update this section with the most current issue September 1, December 1, March 1 and June 1.

MARCH 2022

March 7-12:
Picture Week for all students
March 27- April 3: Spring Break; No Classes

April 15-18: Easter Weekend; All classes running

May 2: Year End Recital Tickets on Sale
May 20-23: May Long Weekend; No Classes
May 24-28: Watch Week
May 25: Priority Registration opens ONLINE
May 30: Year End Recital Tickets released first come first serve.

June 4: Year End Recital
June 11: Last day of classes for the season!

All students at Dance Discovery will have their individual photo taken during their regular class time during the week of March 7-12. Please read the details below so that you are prepared for a successful picture day!


All Primary and Non-Competitive programs are required to follow the winter recital requirements for picture week. This includes same costume, hair, tights and shoes. Competitive programs are required to follow the requirements listed in their Competition Newsletter.


  • Our independent entry/exit remains in effect. Our lobby remains closed for parents. (except those in Baby Ballet and Tiny Tots)
  • To assist with staying on schedule, dancers are asked to ARRIVE ALREADY DRESSED IN COSTUME.
  • Should dancers have multiple classes in one day, Dance Discovery staff is available to assist with any costume changes. We do however encourage dancers to practice changing at home to increase their independence and confidence.
  • Parents are asked to wait in their vehicle as pictures may not take the full length of class time and students are dismissed after their pictures are done.
  • Masks will be removed for all photos unless you have notified our office otherwise.


All pictures will be viewable prior to ordering and you will complete your order ONLINE. An email will be sent to all families on March 3 that will contain pricing, along with a website and password to view the picture gallery and complete your order!

YEAR END RECITAL – June 4, 2022
SHOW A: 11:00-12:15
SHOW B: 2:00-3:15
SHOW C: 5:00-7:00

We are thrilled to re-invent our year end recital at a new venue this season! We will be showcasing our dancers in three separate shows. A list of each show is listed below:

Baby Ballet Saturday 9:15
Preschool Tuesday 5:00
Preschool Saturday 9:45
Ballet 6-8 Wednesday 5:45
Ballet 6-8 Saturday 9:15
Jazz 6-8 Saturday 10:00
Jazz 6-8 Tuesday 6:00
Hip Hop 6-8 Thursday 5:30 Select Inter 1, Inter 2 and Advanced Groups
Tiny Tot Tuesday 4:15
Tiny Tot Thursday 4:15
Tiny Tot Saturday 11:00
Preschool Thursday 4:45
Preschool Saturday 12:15
Ballet 6-8 Tuesday 6:45
Hip Hop 6-8 Saturday 10:45
Jazz 9-12 Thursday 5:45
Hip Hop 9-12 Thursday 7:15
Ballet 9-12 Thursday 6:45
Jazz 12-15 Tuesday 8:30
Select Junior, Inter 1, Inter 2 and Advanced Groups
All Competitive Teams:
Petite, Mini, Junior, Inter 1, Inter 2, Inter and Advanced


  • Tickets are purchased in-person at Dance Discovery reception during reception hours
  • Tickets go on sale May 2
  • Each family is limited to 3 tickets from May 2 to May 28.
  • On May 30, all tickets are released on a first come first serve basis.
  • Tickets can be purchased using Cash or Debit only.
  • Tickets are $25 (gst already included)

All current families are offered PRIORITY REGISTRATION and can complete their registration online beginning MAY 25. Registration for new clients will open online JUNE 1. A tentative schedule of classes will be posted on our website May 15.

The preschool program is the last “introduction to dance” program offered at Dance Discovery. Our dancers 5 years of age will graduate to more extensive programming where families have many different options that will cater to each dancer/family.

We are excited to offer all of our preschool students a progress report on their first class in May which will outline their achievements for the year as well as a recommendation should they want to continue their dance education!

Our student of the month is a program to recognize dancers each month who demonstrate excellent focus and dedication to their classes! We are thrilled to introduce to you our December, January and February recipients!

Mikayla De Guzman
Nahshon Sajai
Adelyn Quilichini


HOLIDAY WEEK – December 11-16
You are invited to participate in each of our daily themes as we spread holiday cheer during our annual HOLIDAY WEEK! On December 11-16, please join us for the following themes:

SATURDAY: HOLIDAY HAT: Put on your best holiday headpiece
MONDAY: RED AND GREEN: Wear as much red and green as you can
TUESDAY: CHRISTMAS SWEATER: Wear your favorite holiday sweater
WEDNESDAY: HOLIDAY PRESENT: wrap yourself as a present
THURSDAY: HOLIDAY PJS: Show off your coziest holiday wear!

Wishing all of our Dd families a joyous holiday season. Please note, the studio will be closed December 17 to January 2.

Our student of the month is a program to recognize dancers each month who demonstrate excellent focus and dedication to their classes! We are thrilled to introduce to you our September, October and November recipients!

Vivian Chau
Claire Renner
Thandiwe Quaid

All Dd apparel is on sale this month!
These items are great for cover-ups to take you to and from the studio or a trendy and comfortable outfit that is ideal for dance class!

Hoodies: $40
Leggings: $40

Our special BLOWOUT items…
Tank Tops: $15
Joggers: $20
Shorts: $20

Our calendar has been updated! Please review the calendar on our website (click here for calendar) and make note of the following updates:

Year End Recital – June 4, 2022
Our Year End Recital has been confirmed for June 4, 2022 and will be hosted at the beautiful venue of the Renaissance Hotel (Edmonton Airport)! With our recital home, The Myer Horowitz Theatre, undergoing a much needed renovation this season, we had to re-invent the recital experience! We are excited for this new location and format and look forward to creating a memorable event for all of our Dd families! More recital details will be distributed on our next newsletter which is released during March Watch Week.

Final Watch Week
March watch week remains as is however, to ensure we can communicate all Year End Recital procedures in a timely manner, we are moving our final watch week for all primary and non-competitive programs to May 24-28. (there will be NO watch week June 1-7 in lieu)


Welcome all new and returning students and families from your 2021/2022 Teaching Team:

Melissa Slobodian (Owner/Director)
Bailey English
Erika Walker
Carmelle McKinlay
Brody Kalwajtys
Darby Watson
Bella Smith
Rhiannon Mielnichuk
Genenne Gilliard
Taylor Kiryluik
Kellie Draper
Morgan Tillmanns

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support as we enter a new season of dance! Although precautions remain in place and can fluctuate throughout the year, we remain committed to:

  • Quality dance education
  • Student development, progress and well being.
  • A structured environment to continue to provide our dancers with focus and normalcy.
  • An anchor of connection to their peers and community.

We are thrilled to have you join us this season and we look forward to a wonderful year ahead!

To stay informed, we encourage everyone to become familiar with our website. On our website, we have a section for current students where you can find the following information:

Calendar of Events – a list of all important dates to note

Bulletin – the newsletter that is reviewed during each watch week

Recital – information about upcoming recitals

In addition to our website, we like to connect with you in a few other ways:

  1. Designated Watch Weeks – watch week is held the final 15 minutes of your dancers first class in September, December, March and June. (Primary and Non-Competitive programs only)
  2. Email Communication – please make sure we are not going to your junk mail!
  3. Social Media Platforms – Dance Discovery has a Facebook and Instagram account in which we update almost daily! This is a great way to see what’s happening in your dancer’s classes and receive reminders about upcoming events and deadlines.
  4. Classroom App – All programs at Dance Discovery have a private classroom app. Your invitation for your private classroom app will be emailed the first week of classes. It is a quick and easy download to stay connected to your dancer’s progress, share in all of our classroom achievements as well as receive important reminders that pertain to your child’s program! We hope you join us in this platform!

We hope that one of the methods listed above will work for you and your family so that you can always stay informed and connected! If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. At this time, we ask for communication to be limited to phone call or email. Our reception staff is available: Monday – Thursday 4:00-8:00 and Saturday 9:00-1:00

We are ready to shift whenever necessary to ensure our dancers education is not interrupted. Technology Terminals are located in each room to guide our dancers at home if we are ever unable to deliver our instruction in-person.

The virtual option will only be offered for two scenarios:

  1. If a shutdown for the dance industry is mandated by AHS.
  2. If a dancer has tested positive for COVID and is in a mandatory two-week isolation (this option is only offered to dancers 6 years and up).

It remains our priority for all dancers to be given the opportunity to perform for their family and friends and showcase all of their hard work and achievements. Our 2021 Holiday Spectacular will include all Baby Ballet, Tiny Tot, Preschool and Non-Competitive Programs! That’s right, we are including ALL hip hop, jazz and ballet non-competitive programs this season!

We can not predict what restrictions may be put in place for events of this magnitude, so we have opted to compile a PLAN A, B and C for our 2021 Holiday Spectacular! We are excited to share details for each below!

PLAN A – A full theatre experience at the SHELL THEATRE in Fort Saskatchewan!

Date: Saturday December 18, 2021
Show Times: 1:00 and 3:00

We are thrilled to have our event hosted at the beautiful Shell Theatre in Fort Saskatchewan! Highlights of the experience include:

  • Full stage experience for families to watch in-person
  • A livestream option will be available! This is great for any out-of-town family members or any person who is unable to attend in person!

PLAN B – In-Studio Performance

Should a large performance be restricted, we will provide our dancers and families an in-studio performance! We are fortunate to have all of our studios equipped to provide a stage-like experience for our dancers right in studio! For a visual of what this option looks like, please click here!

PLAN C – In-Studio Filming

Should capacity be limited and an audience is not permitted, we will film our dancers in-studio with the same stage-like experience of Plan B, and the video performance will be compiled into one fantastic show which will be gifted to all of our dancers!

A confirmation of what plan we will execute will be decided on November 15, 2021 and it will be determined based on the precautions set in place at that time.

All students have been registered into a class based on their age. In order for every student to benefit from the class it is extremely important to take into consideration the level of the class. It would not be in the student’s best interest to keep them in a class that is either too difficult or too easy. We appreciate your understanding as we take the month of September to assure correct placement of all students.

Let’s capture memories! Our photo booth wall is set-up as an outdoor experience this season for you to capture all the smiles and excitement during the first week of dance! Be sure to tag us in your photos so that we can share in these memories with you!