Dance Discovery prides itself in offering a wide-range of dance styles with master instructors for every discipline. New to dance and unsure what each style entails? See our descriptions below!


The foundation of technique for all dance forms, ballet allows students to develop discipline, body alignment, posture, core strength, coordination and flexibility.

Our instructors follow the internationally recognized Royal Academy of Dance syllabus (R.A.D.) and students are given opportunity to go through the examination process as well as move onto pointe once a suitable level of strength is achieved.


Rock your rhythm with an energizing tap class! The metal taps on tap shoes allow dancers to play with the beat and make music with their feet. Dance Discovery follows the Al Gilbert tap syllabus.


Jazz is a very energetic dance form that includes jumps, turns, kicks, floor work and isolated movements. Body coordination, core strength and flexibility are key elements for success in this genre.


Hip Hop is a popular high energy dance style that incorporates elements of freestyle, popping, locking and breaking. Diverse and forever changing, students will experience the many styles that Hip Hop has to offer to current R&B and pop music.


Lyrical/contemporary dance is often an extension of ballet and jazz technique that focuses on storytelling through movement. Music and Choreography play the biggest roles in this discipline as the routines are dynamic and expressive.


Acro incorporates elements of gymnastics, jazz, balancing, basic contortion and tumbling. Students learn precision acrobatic elements and work towards perfecting solo and partnering tricks such as cartwheels, back and front walkovers, aerials, chest stands and elbow stands to name a few. We strongly recommend students to enroll in ballet and jazz if they’d like to practice acro, as acro dancers must have a solid foundation of strength and flexibility.
Dance Discovery is an Acrobatic Arts certified studio and our ‘Acro Experts’ utilize the most up to date and modern practices with certification in Acrobatic Arts, Alixa Flexibility and the TADA Hand Balancing method; students are offered the opportunity to go through the examination process once a suitable level of strength is achieved.