1. What do students need to wear for class and where can I purchase these items?

Shoe and uniform requirements are unique to each program we offer. You can find a list of requirements by clicking HERE.

2. Aside from the annual fee, what other costs can I expect from a full-year dance program?

Expenses outside of your annual fee include:

  • registration fee of $35.00 due at time of registration
  • costume fee; there is one costume fee per class that you are registered for (with the exception of Acro). This costume is used for recital performances and picture week. If you are in the primary or recreational program, your costume fee is included in your annual fee.
  • dance shoes and uniform that students are required to wear to class each week
  • recital tickets (tickets are required for anyone watching the recital performances)
  • picture packages that you wish to order on picture day (this is optional)

3. I am not ready to commit to a full-year program, do you offer any other options?

YES! We offer wonderful short-term programs for dancers who are not looking for a full-time commitment but still want to experience all the joys of dance! For a list of our short-term options, click HERE.

4. Do you offer trial classes?

We offer trial classes during the last week of classes in June with all proceeds for the trial classes donated to The Stollery! What a great way to try something new before committing to a full-year program and giving back to a great cause!

At this time, trial classes are not offered at any other time throughout the year however, we do have wonderful short-term programs that require less commitment and are a great place to start if you are unsure as to what you may enjoy most!

5. Why are parents not allowed to watch the classes?

It is important to us that every child has the opportunity to get the most out of our programming. Having parents observe the class can have an effect on each student in a different way. At Dance Discovery, we want to provide a safe platform for students to enjoy the class they’re in while giving them the best chance to remain focused with no outside distraction. For this reason, we do not allow viewing aside from the scheduled watch weeks.

6. What is the best way to stay informed about important studio events throughout the dance season?

Dance Discovery has the following resources available for you to stay updated on all information that pertains to your child’s dance program:

  • Watch week is held four times throughout the dance season; during the scheduled watch weeks, parents are invited into class the last 15 minutes to view what the class has been working on as well as to receive important studio information via our studio bulletin.
  • The website is a great tool to stay informed. Under the ‘current student’ tab, you will find the most up to date studio bulletin as well as a calendar of events for the year. The calendar of events outlines every important date to mark on your calendar for the entire dance season.
  • Emails are sent out for all major communications. Please be sure we are not being delivered to your junk folder!
  • All of our Full-Year programs have a private classroom app! Information pertaining to your program will also be uploaded on this platform.
  • Our Facebook and Instagram page is also a great way to stay informed! Weekly reminders will often be posted on the these platforms: www.facebook.com/dancediscoveryYEG
  • Our reception staff is available 5 days a week for your convenience! Feel free to call or stop by with any questions you may have

7. What is the best way for me to contact my child’s instructor if I have a question regarding their progress?

If you have questions about your child’s progress, email is the best way to get in touch with your child’s instructor. You can receive the instructors email address from our reception desk.

8. Why is the company program available by recommendation only?

Dance Discovery is a true advocate for their student’s well-being. It is important for any child’s development to be placed in an environment that caters to their current needs and abilities; which will allow them to be most successful. Because of the expectations and demands that our company program requires, we take the steps necessary to ensure that a student is both physically, emotionally and socially ready for this environment so that their dance experience can be a positive one

9. If my child has current dance experience but is new to Dance Discovery and interested in the company program, how do I know which level to register for?

If you are interested in our company program, you are asked to contact the director via email in order to schedule an assessment.