The Company program is designed for students 7 to 17 years of age (by March 1, 2023) who are working towards perfecting dance technique in an accelerated learning environment. Intensive training and commitment is required in order to create poised and polished athletes who strive for a high standard of technical excellence.

Dance Discovery is committed to providing a learning environment for each student that allows them to progress to the best of their abilities; we take the time to assess each student and ensure their placement allows for individual and group success along with a positive dance experience in a competitive environment.

Class schedule and cost for the company program is dependent on which level a student is placed and can only be provided upon completion of the assessment. Please EMAIL the director to discuss program placement* prior to completing your registration.

*students are required to have current ballet training in order to proceed with a competitive assessment or discuss program placement

If you have been approved for the company program, you can complete your registration here!