Dance Discovery provides a bulletin to our students and their families during each watch week. We will update this section with the most current issue after every watch week.


All students at Dance Discovery will have their photo taken during their regular class time during the week of March 9-14. Students are to come to class with their recital costume on and their hair and makeup done. Pictures may not take the full length of class time and students are dismissed after their pictures are done.

How to Order Pictures
All pictures will be view able prior to ordering and you will complete your order ONLINE.
A flyer is provided during watch week that will contain all pricing along with a website and password to view the picture gallery and complete your order!

Picture Pick-Up
Picture packages will be distributed during June watch week (May 30- June 4) Picture packages must be picked up during this time before the studio closes June 13. Packages will NOT be mailed out if you fail to pick them up during the allotted time.

Baby Ballet and Tiny Tots
Tights: Capezio Ballet Pink
Hair: pulled back into a high curly ponytail
Makeup: No Makeup required

Tights: Capezio Light Sun Tan
Hair: pulled back into a high curly ponytail
Makeup: No Makeup required

Non-Competitive 6 years of age and up
Tights: Jazz: Capezio Light Sun Tan
Ballet: Capezio Ballet Pink
Hip Hop: White socks (no tights)
Hair: pulled back into a high bun; please no bangs
Makeup: Lipstick and Blush in the “Plum” color family at your discretion.

If you have any questions about hair or makeup, please speak to your instructor.

Dance Discovery’s Year End Recital will be held on Sunday June 7 at the Myer Horowitz Theatre.

The 1:00 pm performance is for all students in Baby Ballet, Tiny Tot, Preschool and the following 6-8 year Non-Competitive programs:
Ballet Saturday 10:15-11:00 with Miss Genenne
Jazz Saturday 11:00-11:45 with Miss Genenne
Hip Hop Saturday 11:45-12:30 with Miss Genenne

The 4:00 pm performance is for students in 9-11 year and 12-16 year Non-Competitive programs, Petite to Advanced Competitive programs and the following 6-8 year Non Competitive Programs:
Ballet Wednesday 5:15-6:00 with Miss Genenne
Hip Hop Wednesday 6:00-6:45 with Miss Genenne
Hip Hop Wednesday 6:45-7:30 with Miss Genenne
Jazz Thursday 6:00-6:45 with Miss Rhiannon
Ballet Thursday 6:45-7:30 with Miss Rhiannon

A recital schedule for both performances will be posted on the bulletin board May 1.

Year End Recital Tickets
Ticket Pricing (price listed includes GST): $17.00/ticket for the 1:00 pm performance. $22.00/ticket for the 4:00 pm performance.

Tickets can be purchased using cash or debit ONLY.

Tickets for the Year End Recital will go on sale starting May 11th at Dance Discovery’s reception desk.

For each performance, there is a 3-ticket limit/family until May 30. As of June 1, at 4:00 pm, remaining tickets are released on a first come first serve basis.

Year End Recital Volunteers
We always welcome volunteers for recitals. The volunteer would be supervising the group backstage for the entirety of the show. They will be able to watch the performance of their group backstage and will not require a ticket. Please speak with reception if you wish to volunteer (due to taking children for washroom breaks, we require a female volunteer only).

Early registration will take place at the studio May 26, 27 & 28 from 4:00-8:00

For information on the variety of programs we offer, please stop by reception for a take home brochure or visit our website!

Schedule for 2020/2021
A tentative schedule of classes will be available on our website May 15. However, please note that the schedule is only tentative and can fluctuate as it is based on student enrollment.
A finalized schedule of classes will be available on our website August 1.

Because preschool is the last “introduction to dance” program offered at Dance Discovery, all preschool students will receive a progress report on their first class in May! It will outline their achievements for the year as well as a recommendation should they want to continue their dance education.

At Dance Discovery, our passion is dance and we don’t limit ourselves to just one season!
PRINCESS PARTY – for students 3-5 yrs
DANCE AND DAZZLE – for students 5-7 yrs
SUMMER DROP-INS – for students 8 years and up

All details for our SUMMER PROGRAMS can be found online or at reception!

March 9-14: Picture week for ALL classes
March 23-29: Spring Break; NO CLASSES

April 11-13: Easter Weekend: All Classes running

May 11: Year End Recital tickets on sale at reception
May 16-18: Victoria Day weekend; NO CLASSES
May 26-28: EARLY registration for 2020/2021
May 30- June 4: Watch week the last 15 minutes

June 7: Year End Recital for all classes at the Myer Horowitz Theatre
June 13: Last day of classes for the season!