Dance Discovery is committed to the health and safety of all students, parents and staff. We remain diligent in minimizing risk and implementing all the recommended protocols given by Alberta Health Services while still offering the exceptional programming you are accustomed to. Providing a platform where we can continue to cater to the physical and emotional health and development of our students, while remaining focused on student and staff safety, is paramount. We will update this page to reflect the most recent safety protocols in effect.


REDUCED CLASS SIZES – same great curriculum!

STRATEGIC SCHEDULING – staggered start/end time of classes running within the facility to alleviate congestion in common areas.

SCHEDULING BREAKS – a 15-minute studio break between all Primary and 6-8 year classes in order to provide assistance for the entry and exit of our younger students who require a little extra care and attention.

CLOSED LOBBY – our lobby will be closed for all programs as we will be utilizing our large lobby space to safely transition classes.

FLOOR MARKINGS – all areas of the facility are marked for distancing safety. Arrows are also located in select areas to direct traffic to flow in a way to avoid congestion.

ENTRANCE AND EXIT POINTS – we are fortunate to have a total of 5 entrances and exits to utilize to help mitigate congestion when necessary

ADVANCED CLEANING TECHNOLOGY – we have upgraded our cleaning practices to include the use of the UltraMist Fogging System; the gold standard in Electro Chemically Activated (ECA) sanitizers. This technology is FDA and Health Canada approved and EPA certified. This advanced cleaning technology is 100x more effective than bleach, 100% organic and eco-friendly. This system is used to disinfect the classroom, in full, in under 5 minutes.

FACE COVERINGS – required for all patrons entering the facility (unless you have a medical exemption). Dancers have the option of removing their face covering once inside the classroom and physical activity commences.

MANDATORY HAND HYGIENE – all patrons entering must sanitize their hands; sanitizer is provided.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS – temperatures will be taken for each student prior to participation.

NEW DROP OFF/PICK UP PROCEDURES – designed to mitigate congestion in our common areas. NEW protocols in effect as of February 8; details have been delivered via email.

NEW WATCH WEEK PROCEDURES – details are outlined in your registration package.

We thank you for working with us as we put forth our best efforts to ensure a safe return to the dance studio. As the relaunch in Alberta develops, so will our safety protocols.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding for the duration of the dance season as we continue to make careful and thoughtful decisions and implement any necessary changes to our safety protocols.

Working together, we can maintain a quality dance experience that is safe for everyone.